Property Settlements & Protection of Assets

Following separation, you and your former spouse or partner will, in most circumstances, need to adjust property ownership.

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The adjustment and division of property, liabilities and superannuation after the end of a relationship can often seem daunting and difficult. Questions and issues often abound. For example, clients often come to Taussig Cherrie Fildes wishing to know:

  • if the former matrimonial home is to be sold or will one party retain it;
  • what will happen to the business or other investments;
  • how liabilities will be paid or refinanced; and
  • if superannuation entitlements be split?

They might also have questions about how inheritances or gifts from family members are recognized and treated.

At Taussig Cherrie Fildes we are skilled at breaking the process for the adjustment of property, liabilities and superannuation down into clear, understandable steps and in advising our clients on their entitlements. We guide and assist our clients through each step of the process:

  • identifying and valuing property, liabilities and superannuation interest;
  • ascertaining if an adjustment is required;
  • assessing their and their partner’s contributions; and
  • considering current and future circumstances.

Finally, we help our clients structure and achieve settlements which will work in the real-world. Our advice is commercial and pragmatic.

Where possible, we utilize pathways such as mediation and round table conferences to minimize costs and avoid Court proceedings. If litigation is required, we are skilled at thoroughly preparing and presenting our client’s cases so that they receive their proper entitlements. We work closely with counsel and allied professionals including accountants and valuers.

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