Family Law can be a difficult, even harrowing, area in which to practise,  but sometimes things happen that can make you smile.

Recently I received a message from a client whom Bek Goldman (who at that time worked for Taussig Cherrie & Associates) and I, had represented over twenty years ago.  My client told me how proud he was of his daughter who had just graduated from university and sent some beautiful photographs of the young lady on her graduation day.

As a very young infant, that lovely young woman in the photographs had been the subject of a very difficult and hard-fought parenting case involving mental health and drug abuse issues.  Our client was at that time a desperate father seeking to protect his very young child from what he perceived to be a hopeless future had she been left primarily in the care of the other party, albeit she was the infant’s mother.  Needless to say each party’s evidence was diametrically opposite. 

After a hard-fought, and lengthy, trial presided over by a judge who was, at the outset, very resistant to our client’s case, and to our valiant counsel’s presentation of it, our client was awarded sole parental responsibility and care of his daughter.   My client’s message to me last week was simply, but beautifully, put.  He said:

“[my daughter] graduated in ag science yesterday.  We are very proud.  Yours and Rebecca’s professional guidance and persistence is always remembered”.

Makes it all worthwhile.

By Debra Cherrie